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Mommy, I’m afraid to go to school! Vol. 14 – pg. 2


What About Our Schools?

Mommy, I'm afraid to go to school[1] [2]

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Sandy Hook or Columbine or any of the others, where something bad had already happened.  She wondered if there was anything to Fear of Schoolsbe done to keep it from happening here. “Oh, baby. I would like to tell you that your school is different and we can guarantee your safety. But starting today, I am going to find a way to be able to tell you that for the truth. I would like to just get a big lock and keep you safe from all the bad things in this world. If only they made such a lock, I would surely use it.”

“But wouldn’t that be locking us in like prisoners. Like we were the bad people? Why should we be the ones who get locked in?”

Amazed once again at her youngster’s wisdom, Mom replied, “You are so smart! Of course that is not the thing to do, even if we could. The thing to do is to lock the bad things out, not lock the good kids in. I will get the other parents and school people to help us figure out some way to lock out violence everyday. I know there is way, and I promise to find it. Now, finish your chocolate and lets get to school.”

Mom’s efforts paid off. She discovered that there is a program called

Lock Out Violence Everyday Campaign.

She contacted other communities that had sponsored the campaign and then found Keys To Safer, the guardians of the L.O.V.E. CampaignL.O.V.E. Campaign.  Let’s stop the violence with Lock Out Violence Everyday!!

Soon, her community was involved in raising awareness about the violence that was present in schools, homes and communities. The PTO decided to have a Community Carnival as a kickoff event for a year long L.O.V.E. campaign. There were seminars, guest speakers, concerts and workshops (sample – L.O.V.E. campaign) . It was exhausting. But when the school reported a significant drop in discipline reports for fighting and the local Juvenile Judge reported a drop in delinquency cases, it seemed worthwhile. Then, one morning she heard…

“Hurry Mom! I don’t want to be late for school.”

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L.O.V.E. Campaign (c)  - Click this to learn more about this exciting program!!

L.O.V.E. Campaign (c)
Click this to learn more about this exciting program!!

[1] [2]

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Keys To Safer Schools