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Arapahoe High School Shooting – 3 Shot



Arapahoe School Shooting 3 Shot: 1 Dead, 1 Serious & 1 Minor injuries.

Arapahoe School Shooting
3 Shot: 1 Dead, 1 Seriously injured &  with 1 Minor injuries.

.2 Shot & 1 Dead Arapahoe School ShootingCENTENNIAL Colo:
Armed with a shotgun, a student entered Arapahoe 
High School and opened fire, hitting at least one other student before turning the weapon on himself, officials said Friday.  

Arapahoe High School is part of the Littleton school district which is a few miles from Columbine High School, the scene of one of the country’s worst school massacres. 

In 1999 at Columbine there were 15 people, including two teenage gunmen killed.This school shooting happens on the eve of the first anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Conn. 

In that school shooting 27 people – most of them first graders – were killed.

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