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Breaking News: ISIS/ISIL & Our Schools


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ISIS/ISIL & Our Schools

IRAQ-SYRIA-SHOOTINGShould U.S. Schools be concerned about ISIS/ISIL and the possible 100+ U.S. citizens who have western passports and could be re-entering the US?   ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria  or ISIL – Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. ISIS is attempting to Terrorize the U.S. and what better way to hurt us but by attacking our most precious treasure, our children.

Should U.S. Schools be concerned?  The answer is – No and Yes.

No – Some may have seen a seemingly creditable report about 4 ISIS men caught videoing a school, which has come out to be a hoax.

killingchildrenYES – We cannot deny that terrorists in the past have attacked schools and/or kidnapped, raped or murdered school age children, in an attempt to terrorize, humiliate or traumatize us in America.

See a List of historical events involving schools or school age children attacked by Terrorists:

  1. April, 2014 –  Terrorist Adduct Nearly 300 School Girls from their Boarding School.
  2. September, 2004 –  In Belsan, Russia – Chechen terrorists attack school, Killing 336 dead and 420 injured (237 were children) which is the largest terrorist attack on a school related target to date.
  3. November, 21, 2002 – A terrorist blew himself up on a bus crowded with school children, killed eleven and injured almost fifty in Israel.
  4. October 2002 – D.C. Beltway Sniper attacks in the Washington , D.C. area, the Beltway snipers killed ten people and wounded three others, including a thirteen year old boy who was shot on school grounds.
  5. August, 2002 – Christian School in Pakistan was attacked, killing 3 school employees and 2 school security personnel.
  6. May, 2002 – In Dagestan a remote-controlled explosive device detonated almost killing Twelve school children.
  7. June, 2002 – Ethnic Minority in Thailand attack school bus, killing 2 students and fifteen wounded
  8. March, 2002 – Palestinian terrorists attack a high school in Atzmona, Israel killing 5 students and 23 others wounded.
  9. September, 2001 – School bombing & School bus attack in Israel
  10. May 30, 2001 – Netanya school bombing

Beheading-SpreeWe are seeing terrorist targeting the innocent to make the most impact by shocking, terrorizing and traumatizing us.  As we move to harden against attacks of our infrastructures, nuclear plants and government buildings, terrorists are looking to soft targets which can produce maximum casualties, like churches, movie theaters, malls and yes – schools.     Terrorist believe that there would be no better way to strike fear and crush America’s will than to attack our children at school, a place which should be safe.

How would they accomplish this dastardly attack?

  1. homegrownISISCNN earlier this week reported that 100 Americans were fighting with ISIS.  The U.S. is concerned that these American’s with US passports can reenter the U.S. with terrorist training laying and waiting to attack soft or hard targets.  Although, these returning foreign fighters from the Syrian conflict pose a far greater threat to Europe, which has contributed a much larger number of foreign fighters to the conflict than the U.S., including an estimated 700 from France, 450 from the United Kingdom and 270 from Germany.
    1. U.S. officials confirmed this week that two Americans have been killed in Syria fighting alongside ISIS militants and both men had ties to Minneapolis.
    2. Officials see ISIS as a major threat, because there are perhaps a 100 U.S. passport-holders who may be receiving very significant military terrorist training from ISIS. As well as, hundreds of Europeans who have passports from visa-waiver countries who could also enter the country.
  2. ISIS has threaten to strike Americans “anywhere” in response to the U.S. bombing campaign.  This is not the first time ISIS has threatened the U.S.   In recent interviews, ISIS repeatedly threatened the U.S. that it was among its targets. “I say to America that the Islamic Caliphate has been established,” Abu Mosa, a spokesman for ISIS, said; ”We will humiliate them (U.S.) everywhere, God willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House.”
  3. One of the 11 planes

    One of the 11 planes

    Eleven commercial jets have reportedly been stolen in recent weeks in Libya, and Western intelligence agencies have begun warning they could be used in terror attacks.  According to a credible report, the jets were taken by Islamist militias in Libya, and reports distributed within the U.S. government, included a warning that one or more of the aircraft could be used in a terrorist attack.

  4. Officials are expressing concern about our porous borders.  Possibly allowing ISIS trained terrorists an entrance into the U.S. even without a Visa.  Lastly, the large number of Visa holders who have over stayed their visa and which the government has lost track of them.

What can be done?

Through an in-depth analyses of the Beslan, Russia – Chechen terrorists school attack we have come up with some Lessons Learned to help us prepare.

  1. Law enforcement agencies, security personnel and educational administrators should be aware and remain alert to indicators of surveillance activities.Facility Site Safety SurveyActivities that may suggest terrorist surveillance of an educational facility include:
    1. Observation of security reaction drills or procedures.
    2. Increase in anonymous telephone or e-mail threats.
    3. Interest without reason in obtaining site plans for schools, bus routes, attendance lists and other information about a school, its employees or students.
    4. Discreet use of still cameras, video recorders or note-taking at non-tourist locations.
  2. Crisis Response PlanThe Government Officials commented on tactics used by the terrorists against the Beslan school and the Russian authorities’ response to the crisis has identified several things that law enforcement and school systems may want to consider when developing Multi-Hazard Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plans:
    1. Terrorist used official trucks and cars to camouflage their true intent.  ex, Utility trucks, coke trucks, Water work truck, UPS delivery uniforms.
    2. There are strong indications, according to Government Officials, that the terrorists had pre-positioned a large cache of weapons within the school building prior to the attack. They pretended to be involved in renovation work at schools in the area over the summer to hide the weapons or posed as construction workers themselves.
    3. The weapons may have been disguised as construction equipment at the school. There may have been false-fronted walls in the building.
  3. In the Beslan Terrorist attack, the attackers had been planning the attack for months.  They had detailed knowledge of the facility grounds and building interiors, and they had been conducting some type of pre-operational surveillance of building operations and staff.
  4. Crisis ModelThe outcome of the attack on the school in Beslan affirms the importance of establishing a thorough response plan that outlines clear command and control responsibilities in the event of a potential terrorist or hostage situation.  In addition, establishing linkages with first responders and testing your schools Multi-Hazard Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plans Process.

What Can you do?  

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