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Breaking News: School Mascara Foiled – Student Arrested

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 This could have ended so differently

John David LaDue

17 year old – John David LaDue

WASECA, MINN.  (5.1.14) – School Mascara Foiled – Student Arrested:  A 17 year old (John David LaDue) was arrested after Law Enforcement found at his home SKS assault rifle, ammo boxes with 400 rounds, a Beretta 9-mm handgun, a safe with several other guns, pyrotechnic chemicals, a pressure-cooker, steel ball bearings and gunpowder. Three of the bomb were completed with another he had detonated 4 days earlier. He’s elaborate plot and preparations were spelled out in a 100+ page notebook obtained from the boy’s bedroom, said police, who believe he was ready to carry out the attack within the next two weeks.

Ladue allegdely told police when arrested, he would have shot us if he had a gun on him, but he had only a knife at the time. He allegedly went on to say to Law Enforcement that he had it all figured out. He would kill his dad, mom and sister and then create a diversion to keep first responders busy while he intended to kill “as many students as he could,” before he was killed by the SWAT team at his school Waseca Junior/Senior High School.

He went on to allegedly say he had originally planned the attack the school on April 20 which was the anniversary date of the Columbine Shooting. His plan also spelled out the best ways to hide bombs in boxes in the school cafeteria.

School Superintendent Lee said that they had no major issues with him and went on to describe him as shy. Then Mr. Lee said, “It’s not like he was unknown to us…”, “He was known. People made lots of contact with him. We tried to do everything we possibly could do to build relationships with him as well. But sometimes even when you’re trying to do everything possible it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to.”

Thank goodness that a citizen had a watchful eye and took action to do something when she saw someone acting suspiciously at a storage facility. If not for this person another community may be saying “Why didn’t we see it coming?” Law Enforcement reported,”This case is a classic example of citizens doing the right thing and calling the police when things seem out of place. By doing the right thing, unimaginable tragedy has been prevented,” the Waseca Police Department said in a Thursday statement.

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