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Breaking News: Schools close, others disinfect or quarantine around US over Ebola Concerns

keysspecialreportsSchools close, others disinfect or quarantine around US over Ebola Concerns

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A Closed School after Ebola Concerns

A Closed School after Ebola Concerns

The second nurse to contract Ebola traveled to her hometown in Ohio to plan her wedding on a Friday and stayed there for three days. On Monday – 10/13/14, when flying back to Dallas, she had a low-grade fever of 99.5 degrees.  It is reported that after she called the CDC, got permission from CDC to board Frontier flight 1143 from Cleveland, Ohio to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; it was later learned that she flew symptomatic with Ebola.

CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden now admits that allowing her to fly while symptomatic was a mistake. After arriving back in Texas and continuing to show symptoms she checked into Texas Health Presbyterian the next day after her flight, where she was isolated and diagnosed with Ebola. In response to the news of Vinson’s diagnosis, schools in Texas and Ohio cancelled classes because students or staff were either on the same flight as Vinson or were in the same airplane used in later flights. Other organizations have followed suit.

Therefore, there has been a chain reaction after the second nurse flew while symptomatic with Ebola on the Frontier Airlines flight from Cleveland to Dallas-Fort Worth.

Closed or quarantine:

  1. Schools Affected Around Dallas/Fort WorthIn Texas, the Belton Independent School District temporarily closed three campuses to disinfect their schools and buses.
  2. Royse City school district in eastern Rockwall County Texas canceled school Friday for cleaning and disinfecting their buses.
  3. The Grapevine-Colleyville school district of Grapevine, Texas had Parents notified the district that two students at Silver Lake Elementary and one at Grapevine Middle Schoo hadl ties to the Frontier Airlines flight and are quarantining the students.
  4. The Lewisville school district in Denton County Texas alerted parents that two community members related to three students and a staff member were on the flight Monday night with Vinson. However, on the advice of the Denton County Health Department, no campuses will be closed.
  5. The Hurst-Euless-Bedford school district in Texas informed students through a phone message system that a secretary at the Transition Center was also on the Frontier flight and will stay home on quarantine.
  6. Garland ISD Texas, three parents of four district students reported being on the flight.  The district says the parents are “low-risk” and not in quarantine.  Their children are being allowed to attend school.
  7. Eagle Mountain-Saginaw school district outside Dallas Texas had a student that has been isolated with family member for at least the next three weeks.
  8. Flight Crew quarantined of the Frontier Airlines flight which Amber Vinson, the second health-care worker who tested positive for Ebola flew on.
  9. Solon School District in Ohio closed two schools when they learned of the connection to the flight with the second Dallas nurse with Ebola..
  10. Akron, Ohio; Akron Public Schools have closed Resnik Elementary CLC after school officials discover one of the parents at the school was in contact by being on flight with the second Dallas nurse with Ebola.

    Pentagon Parking Lot Closed after Ebola Concerns

  11. Cleveland health employees which include five nurses are on paid leave and will be monitored for Ebola.
  12. Officials cordon off a portion of a Pentagon parking lot Friday morning after a woman began vomiting with Ebola like symptoms, which was a false alarm.
  13. A bridal store, in Akron, Ohio, visited by Ebola patient Amber Joy Vinson over the weekend closed its doors Thursday afternoon.
  14. The a male Marine stationed at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth who was on the Frontier Airlines flight is now on quarantine but never attended the base.
  15. A community college in California (Southwestern College) cordoned off part of the school in response to “a student whose family member reported flu-like symptoms and was hospitalized.
  16. The Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia, announced they will start screening students for Ebola if they  have a high temperature at School.


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