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Child Suspended From School For Miming Shooting An Arrow




Zero Tolerance  –  Does it work??

Zero Tolerance - Does it work?A 10-year-old has been suspended from school and threatened with expulsion for firing a make-believe arrow at a classmate, prompting a rights group to step in and demand the incident be stricken from the record.

A civil liberties watchdog group, has intervened in the case of Johnny Jones, a fifth grader at a Middle School in Fawn Grove, Pa., who found himself in trouble after violating the school’s zero tolerance policy on weapons by miming the action of shooting an arrow from a bow with only his hands.

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Zero Tolerance Policy Strikes Again!!

School Officials who struggle (due to lack of training) to determine between a student who is playing or one making a valid threat adopt restrictive  “ZERO TOLERANCE POLICIES“.

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