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Internet Safety Contract for Parents


Download this contract. It is in a PDF format.

Internet Safety Contract between Parents and Children

The Internet, as the Interstate Highway, is a wonderful tool when used properly but very dangerous when used carelessly. Because my parents wish to protect me and my family from harm, I agree to the following terms for using the Internet.

  • I agree to be on the Internet only with my parent’s permission and agree to these times: _________ as my time for Internet activity.

  • I agree to limit my time on the Internet to: ____________ per session and ___________ per week.

  • I agree that I am permitted to be on the Internet for the purpose of:  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • I will avoid any site that contains: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • I will never give out my name or any name of any family member, home address, telephones number, the name of my school, principal or teachers. I will not answer any personal questions about myself or my family or send any personal pictures over the internet. If any place on the Internet requires this information, I will have my parent enter it.

  • I will tell my parents right away if anything online seems strange or makes me feel uncomfortable.

  • I will tell my parents immediately if anyone online wants to meet me in person.

  • My passwords are private. I will never share them with anyone but my parents. If anyone asks for my passwords in person or online, I will tell my parents immediately.

  • I will never download anything without asking my parents permission.

  • Sometimes I will receive messages and images over the Internet that I never asked for. I will tell my parents then I will delete them immediately because this is a trick. If any of these seem dirty, I will tell my parents so that they can stop it from happening again.

  • Words are just as important online as in person; therefore, I will never use bad language or send mean messages online.

  • My parents have my permission to examine my computer to tell what sites I have visited and to see what email I have sent and received

I have read the above and agree to follow these rules. If I don’t, my parents can take away the privilege of using the Internet

Child’s signature


I agree to let my child use the Internet so long as these rules are followed.


Parent or Caregiver’s signature


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