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Japan – Primary School Violence up to Record Highs: Vol. 150


Primary School Violence at all time high in JapanBullied Students* Learn about International Anti-Bullying Training:
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japanbullyingIn Japan – bullying at Primary Schools is up to record highs.  In 2013 (period ending in March 2014) bullying incidents have risen to 118,805, which is a record high for Japan according to Japan Education Ministry’s survey.

In the 2013 year ending March 2014, student violence has hit an all time high, since the Japan’s Ministry started keeping records in 1997.

If we look at primary, middle and high schools in the area of overall bullying the number is even greater – up over 185,400 incidents.

In 2011 Japan focused on a high-profile bullying case involving a suicide of a student in the Shiga Prefecture city of Otsu.  Since that case the statistic have been going up.  The possible reason for this increase may be that now students feel more comfortable to report bullying, where they did not before this high-profile case.

Japan started enforcing a law more widely last year on School Bullying which has helped teachers and other school staff see the importance of enacting measures against bullying.

The statistics of “Total Bullying cases” in this period have reflect a break-down like this:

  • 64.4 percent, was bullying through teasing, abusive and threatening remarks.
  • 23.3 percent, mild forms of violence/bullying
  • 20.2 percent, exclusion and neglect that accounted for that percentage.

Cyber-bullying totaled 8,787 cases or 4.7 of the total cases which was an increase of .7% from 2012.

Overall Violence at Primary Schools is at an all time high:

  • 1.6 cases per 1,000 students
  • 30% increase in violence between children
  • 50% increase in violence against teachers
  • 55% increase in suicides among student totaling 240 cases with 9 confirmed cases from bullying or “Bullycide”.


In 2001 Keys was involved in a Japanese Documentary through the Japan Ministry of Education:
Kay Okamoto of Duo writes,
Japan is facing a disturbing increase in violence among students, particularly at the middle and high school level. The US, likewise, has been dealing with such problems for some time now, and has thus taken a variety of measures to correct them. Our production company hopes to introduce those different programs to Japanese viewers.”    Keys was selected from a field of such organizations because their training is practical and hands-on rather than academic or theoretical.

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