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Pandemic and Schools

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Pandemic Planning for SchoolsWhat is a Pandemic?
Each year the common flu kills about 36,000 people in the United States. A “pandemic” occurs when a strain of the flu virus mutates to become readily transmitted person to person and is resistant to the common flu vaccines.

Because schools put more people together than any other agency or industry in any community, it is prudent for schools to be proactive and develop plans for handling an out break that could be pandemic. Hopefully all schools have adopted the “all hazards” approach in developing their  which will make those plans easily adapted to a Pandemic Action Plan.

This training will help schools deal with at process of not only developing Pandemic Action Plans but so much more.

Pandemic Planning Phases for SchoolsDuring the training schools will work on three Phase of Planning:

  • Phase I:     Pre-Incident Planning
  • Phase II:   During the Incident Planning
  • Phase III:  Post-Incident Planning


In this International Training conducted by Keys’ Subject-Matter-ExpertsKeys’ will look at 10 Ways a Pandemic could affect schools internationally.”

  1. 10 Concerns for Schools in a PandemicThe Interruption of Classroom Learning
  2. Higher rates of Student/Teacher absenteeism
  3. School Closings
  4. Food and Water supplies being limited
  5. Electricity Shortages
  6. Fuel Shortages
  7. Communication Outages
  8. Suspension of Extra-Curricular Activities
  9. Demands on Facilities for Healthcare Services
  10. Quarantine and Isolation Orders


Will your District/Organization be ready?


Anything you say before a pandemic sounds Alarmist!!
Anything you do afterwards is Inadequate!!


This training will cover:

Pandemic for schools















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