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School Safety. What are schools doing? – Vol. 5


“What are Schools doing?”

Hot Lines

Many schools have started hotlines where students can call in anonymously if they have a problem or to report if they think another student might commit a violent act.  Some are even offering rewards for tips.

Practicing Drills

Schools are calling in specialists and consultants to assess their campuses and develop crisis prevention, crisis management and school lockdown plans. And they’re practicing the plans in drills.

Dress Codes

Schools are changing their dress codes, some requiring uniforms, others banning baggy clothing that could conceal a weapon. Other schools are requiring mesh backpacks so that the contents are visible.See Kids are the Keys

Reaching Out

Schools are reaching out to law enforcement and other members of their communities in an effort to stop potential problems with students.

Mental Health Staff

Schools are hiring more mental health professionals. They are also making sure all faculty and staff are trained properly to deal with a crisis situation.  They’re also learning how to recognize homemade bombs and other weapons.

Identification Measures

More schools are installing metal detectors, cameras, maintaining Crisis Kits and ID cards for students

Communication Systems

Schools are upgrading their phone systems to include caller identification, so that they can identify where threats that are called in are coming from.

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