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Breaking News: Shooting kills 1, wounds 3 at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, WA

keysspecialreports4 Shot; 1 keysspecialreportsDead  and 3 others injured at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle , WA

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Seattle, WA: Another College school shooting.  A 26 year old gunman opened fire Thursday around 3:30 pm at Seattle Pacific University, killing one person and wounding three others before a student Hall Monitor Seattle College Shootingengaged him with pepper spray and several others tackled him.

The shooting took place at a Christian College in the Seattle Pacific University’s Otto Miller Hall.   The shooter (Aaron Ybarra of Mountlake Terrace) who was not a student was armed with a shotgun, knife and additional rounds.  He entered the school and opened fired in the foyer of the building – shooting all the rounds in his shotgun at students.  At the time he began to reload his weapon a student hall monitor confronted the shooter and pepper-sprayed him, grabbed his gun and pushed him to the floor with other students getting involved to help.  He was held until police arrived and was placed into custody. Police are convinced the shooter would have killed or wounded more people had those around him not intervened.

Aaron Y'barra: shooter

Aaron Y’barra: shooter

In the Shooting, according to officials:

  • A 20-year-old man who had suffered gunshot wounds to his upper body was pronounced dead at the hospital.
  • A 20-year-old woman who suffered a gunshot wound to her upper body was in critical condition and was undergoing surgery at the hospital.
  • Two other men, ages 24 and 22, were in satisfactory condition; one had suffered “pellet-type wounds” to his neck and chest and the other had “minor wounds to the abdominal region.”

Aseattle-campus-shooting2ccording to Officials;  Why are we missing them?

  • The Shooter had a history of mental health problems and was placed on suicide watch at the jail.
  • He told investigators he had a fascination with school shootings and that he had once visited Columbine High School.
  • According to an official, the suspect admitted to the attack and told police he “wanted to shoot up a school.”
  • The Shooter (Ybarra) has “significant and long-standing mental health issues, including delusions that were in play” at the time of the shooting, according to officials.
    • “…He’s on suicide watch for a reason. He did not think he was going to survive yesterday. He intended to die.”

SHOOTING-SEATTLE1According to a Friend;

  • One friend described Ybarra as “socially awkward” but “appreciative”.
  • The view of him as a gun-toting killer is a difficult one to reconcile for those who know him.


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