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Students Arrested for Plotting Violence: Vol. 73


Lely High School Students Arrested for Plotting Violence

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NAPLES, Florida, March 2004 — Three Collier County teens were charged with planning an act of violence at Lely High School.  These student appeared in court Friday morning the 5th of March. This was the first public display of some of the evidence against the students, who appeared in court cuffed and shackled.

It was believed that the students intended to hurt someone, and it was based on the evidence found.  June’s journal found and in the journal an entry stating he’d be the one to do the killing. Another item found was a maps of Lely High School and a variety of swords and knives.  On Mescall’s computer articles were found about bomb making and how to disrupt schools. It is reported that his student reported making and setting off pipe bombs before.  There was a concern with these student alleged involvement the Goth.

Mescall’s lawyer said about his client,  “This is not a loner. Not a kid with piercings and trenchcoats, not what he’s portrayed to be,” Lawyer Faerber says the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.  “A lot of boys go out in the woods and do these things, but don’t intend to harm anybody,” Faerber said.  The Lawyer reports that no bomb making materials was found in the homes and that any talk of killings was pure fantasy that the kids never intended to carry out.

The sheriff’s office states that,  “They were arrested because we feel they were planning something,” said sheriff’s office spokesperson Tina Osceola.

Authorities say the Lely students had talked about carrying out an assault similar to what happened at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., in 1999 when two students took their own lives after going on a shooting and bombing rampage that killed 12 other students and a teacher.

All three teenagers are charged with second degree felonies. The first charge is conspiracy to make, throw or place a destructive device. They were also charged with attempting to do so, which is an act of terrorism.

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