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Traffic Control in a Crisis, pg4 – Vol. 2



Volume 2 – Page 4

Crisis TeamFashion will ease the burden of control. It is important to have a plan in place that will direct teachers, students and parents to a common location. Pre-printed signs should be set up immediately to direct parents to a location where they could be given details of the crisis and directions for signing out their children. A gymnasium, cafeteria or nearby church would be an excellent choice for this type of operation.

Media will try everything at their disposal to get the story. Understanding this and then working with it, rather than opposing it, will aid in controlling the scene. Again, pre-printed signs should be set up directing the media to a common location. If they feel that they will gain timely, accurate information, they will comply with directions. Invite local media producers to come to the school and help in planning a location that will meet their needs for briefings, newscasts and satellite links.

Crisis_kitEmergency crews train for different contingencies. They will respond according to the nature of the crisis presented. It is important that they know where to find a representative with authority. A coordinated plan will allow them to know who to talk with and where he/she will be. If the school has several buildings, it is extremely helpful for each building to have a conspicuous number on it. When directing emergency crews, refer to the building number. It is not uncommon for people within a community to know a building by different names.

Concerned citizens, the general public or on-lookers will come to a crisis.

Pre-printed signs saying, “Public Information,” or something similar will cause many to comply and gather where they are directed. Provide them with information, treat them with respect, but ask them to leave if they congregate in the wrong place. Tell them that the news media has been given complete briefings and will keep them informed better via television or radio. Let them know that their help is appreciated.

This paper has repeatedly referred to Crisis Planning and materials. These must be in place now or they will not be there in a crisis. Most schools have a crisis plan. Some have extremely good ones in place. It is essential that these plans be reviewed and coordinated with all concerned agencies to insure their workability. A Crisis Kit should be assembled, maintained and updated as necessary. Some of the items that should be in this kit include pre-printed signs as mentioned above, yellow caution tape, traffic cones, two-way radios, identification badges, flashlights, and spare batteries. Other items should be added as the crisis plan indicates. Contact the authors to discuss specific needs for planning or kit materials.

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