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Principal shot dead in front of 300+ students by a 14-year-old eighth grade boy.


   April 24, 2003

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"School Shooting Map

Police responding to Red Lion Junior High, PA. after fatal school shooting

Terror from within:  School Shootings take more than lives

Red Lion Junior High, PA. April 24, 2003: Principal Eugene Segro was shot dead in front of 350 students by a 14-year-old eighth grade boy, one of his students. The student had entered the school with three handguns stolen from his stepfatherís safe. [Learning what to look for - "Early Warning Signs" ] In the school cafeteria, at about 7:30 am, he stood and shot the principal with a .44 Magnum once in the chest. The student then produced a .22 caliber pistol from his backpack and shot himself once in the head. Students were removed from their school and taken to nearby Senior High. The school will remain closed through Monday for the funerals.

Principal Eugene Segro and alleged 14-year-old eighth grade shooter

The studentís parents and the police have reported that there were no apparent warning signs [Kids are the Keys]. There have been notes of intended victims or other intentions found. [Assessment Training for Early Warning Signs]  If this remains true, it will be the first school shooting in which there were no warning signs before the incident. This was not the first brush with violence for this school district as they were the site of the machete attack on a kindergarten about two years ago that left the principal, two teachers and several children injured.

After Thursday's shooting at Red Lion, the principal at East Pennsboro asked students to report any concerns they had, and the school passed the information on to police. As a result of these student reports, a 17-year old student's car was searched at home. Police found a handgun, sawed-off shotgun, rifle, ammunition and pipe bomb materials. In the home of an 18-year-old student, police found several firearms, ammunition, and narcotics. And in another 18-year old student's home, a handgun was found concealed in a drainage pipe. Police say the weapons were stolen, but there is no evidence the three students were planning to hurt anyone. Charges could be filed next week.

The war in Iraq or other more popular news has overshadowed this and other school shootings in the month of April. The month is not over yet and this is the tally as known so far:

  • Washington, DC April 2, 2003: A 16 year old student shot in the leg inside the school during an argument.

  • Natchitoches, LA April 8, 2003: One student killed and another wounded by fellow student at a vocational school.

  • Shreveport, LA April 14, 2003: A high school student was shot in the stomach "accidentally" by a fellow student showing off a handgun brought into the school.

  • New Orleans, LA April 15, 2003: One student killed in a hail of gunfire by other students. At least 2 of the shooters had just been returned to school from a prison conviction.

  • Delhi, CA April 16, 2003: A 13 year-old middle school student was shot in the hip while walking into school from the parking lot.

When these events happen, the shooter takes more from the school than the lives they end so tragically. Much has been said and written about the Homeland Security Alert System. Keys To Safer has produced several products related to it. But the bottom line is that schools are being victimized by terrorists from within. If

Parent and Daughter leaving Campus after fatal shooting

your school is the sight of a shooting or a fatal attack by any type of violence, it will not matter whether the attack was from an organized group with a political agenda or a troubled student who knew no other way to be heard. The effect will be the same. The feeling of being safe while at school will be gone forever. Lives will be changed from the trauma suffered and repeated in memories for years to come.

An Alternative Teacher who was responding to this shooting said;
I had to search for more information today on the school shooting in the Red Lion Jr. High Pa. school. It's no longer front page news. My hunch is that the child was depressed and in intense emotional pain. Someone must have had a clue. Children need more than reading, writing and arithmetic to make it in today's world. The No Child Left Behind Law "left behind" the emotionally wounded children who desperately need to be "spotted" and helped. The educational process in this country is woefully under funded and understaffed to meet the ever increasing challenges that greet the school staffs of today. If you don't believe me, go volunteer your services with your eyes wide open. Talk to the teachers who are "front line" weary of dealing with "repeated" discipline problems that sabotage their teaching efforts. And better yet, spend some time in an Alternative School!  My heart goes out to this school and to all the children and families affected by this tragedy.  Read my opinion.....I knew the child was in "emotional pain". We have to contact the President and add these "prevention measures" to the No Child Left Behind Law. We have got to reach these "Jimmy's". Not to do so is a crime against humanity. From a front line counselor in an Alternative School.


There is a solution available. Many have taken advantage of it and report success and satisfaction with the program. It is the Keys To Safer Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student (PDS) and the Assessment Instrument that it teaches. In order to get this program to more schools, Keys has recently introduced a Certification for Trainers program that is training school personnel not just how to use the Instrument, but how to train and Certify others in this essential program. Perhaps the real tragedy is that so many are simply ignoring the problem and choosing to do nothing. One Superintendent actually said in response to a question about his safety program, "We have always been lucky and I think we will continue to be lucky." Keys To Safer is not in any way trying to capitalize on these violent events, but we are trying to shout loud enough for people to pull their heads out of the sand and notice that internal terrorism in the form of student violence is a possibility in any school on any day. If your school has not taken steps to enhance the safety of students and staff, give this article to the administration and email Keys today.

 (See "Checklist of a Safe School")

Once again we ask ourselves, "Have we done all that we can to insure the safety of our schools?" Keys To Safer is making a special offer to any school to review your crisis planning and provide a written critique of any shortcomings found. To take advantage of this offer, mail your schoolís Crisis Plan and supporting documents to:

Keys To Safer
P.O. Box 296
Bryant, AR 72089-0296.

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