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SAFE is a charter open to all students who want to change attitudes and behaviors which contribute to violence. SAFE empowers students to create their own solutions and strategies for safer schools, families and communities.  SAFE is a Student lead part of the Lock Out Violence Everyday (L.O.V.E.) Campaign.  L.O.V.Eis a campaign to raise the awareness within a Community of the violence taking place in our schools, homes and communities.

Students And Families Empowered (SAFE) is a student- initiated program for ALL students who believe that students’ ideas and initiative are the most powerful tools to ending youth violence.

SAFE teaches empowerment through Student led projects to address issues of violence they think are important in their schools, families and communities.  Training is provide to SAFE members in Anger Management/De-escalation skillsConflict resolution skillsStudent lead Bullying Solutions and Kids are the Keys – Recognition & Reporting of Threats from Students.  Students receiving the Trainer Certification may train other SAFE members at their local SAFE Charter.

SAFE (Students And Families Empowered).  SAFE provides protection for Violence though Education (click on trainings above).  Bring SAFE to your school TODAY!!

SAFE creates a safe atmosphere for everyone who wants to be involved. It offers an outlet for students to deal positively with the very real types of violence that goes on around us, including name-calling, bigotry and stereotyping, cliques, as well as gun and dating violence. It gives a place to first talk about these issues and then do something about them.

The program focuses on the following areas:

  • Personal responsibility and empowerment
  • Finding solutions to the problems of violence in schools and communities
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Analyzing the root causes of violence in society
  • Respect for others—especially those different from yourself
  • Active civic leadership
  • Cooperative learning

The program objectives are:

  • To empower students to live peaceful, non-violent lives
  • To reduce violence in schools and communities
  • To increase student leadership and self-confidence
  • To instill a positive outlook toward school and community
  • To increase awareness about violence and its effects

 (see example of what one community has done).  The need now is for supporters, volunteers and sponsors to step forward “like YOU“!

Together we can
When it comes to violence, let’s make this our motto:
L-ock O-ut V-iolence E-veryday !!

L-ock O-ut V-iolence E-veryday!!  Not in my school, not in my home, not in my community!!

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