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School Violence 2007


Let's Stop the violence! 

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Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student TtT

Is school violence on the decline?

Here is a partial listing of violence found on school campuses this year. Those in red resulted in a fatality.

FAYETTEVILLE, NC –  Unidentified male fires at a car carrying 3 students as they depart Westover High School. No one was injured.

Tacoma, WA -- A student at Foss High School was shot and killed in the hallway of his school as classes resumed after the holiday break. His killer is a fellow student with a history of mental illness.

MILWAUKEE, WI- A massive fight broke out today at Bradley Technical High School. Twenty squad cars were reportedly called to the scene. Female students fighting inside the school used their cell phones

Cincinnati, OH – A 16 year-old student fired a handgun at the assistant principal at Taft Information Technology High School. The boy pulled a gun out in the cafeteria. The assistant principal did not know that he was arned when he grabbed the boy from behind.

“He flipped around, looked me straight in the eye and fired.”

The Assistant Principal ran after the student as he fled the cafeteria. The shooter is claiming that the shot was an accident.

LAS VEGAS — Two students were wounded by gunfire in a high school parking lot Tuesday morning, and police were searching a man seen driving from the area. One of the wounded was targeted by the gunman. The other was simply walking across the parking lot and was struck in the stomach. The injured teens' wounds did not appear to be life-threatening, authorities said.

St. Catherine, Jamaica – A 15 year-old student at Norman Manley High School was shot by another 15 year-old student who had brought a gun to school. Police are investigating to determine if the shot was intentional or if the gun accidentally discharged. The inured student was treated and released from a local hospital.





PRESCOTT, AR – Two separate incident involving “box cutters” reported at Prescott High School and Emmett Elementary School. Law enforcement and school officials declined to provide details citing “juvenile privacy policy.” Much of the report in a local newspaper was obtained from listening to police radio traffic using a scanner.



MOUNT CARMEL, TN - A 13-year-old Mount Carmel student fired a BB gun at a bus with students onboard. The projectile shattered a window and a girl on the bus suffered  minor cuts. The shooter was already suspended because of a separate disciplinary action. The incident was not reported to police until the following day.



TERRE HAUTE, IN— A Terre Haute man was arrested in Terre Haute South Vigo High School at noon Friday after he brought a concealed 9 mm pistol into the school.

Dustin S. Carson, 21, a former South student, was taken into police custody without incident after a student informed the school’s office personnel that Carson may have been in possession of a concealed gun, said Vigo County Schools Superintendent Daniel Tanoos.



Pittsburgh, PA -- Two students were wounded and two students were arrested in an after school fight and shooting outside Sto-Rox High School. At about 2:30pm shortly after classes ended, one of the victims confronted one of the suspects about a stolen ipod. Punches were exchanged then one of the suspects produced a revolver and fired six shots. One student was struck by four rounds. Another student was struck once. None of the wounds were believed to be live threatening.



Philadelphia, PA -- A student was shot in the parking lot of Sayre High School shortly after classes started. The victim who also had a gun, was struck twice and is undergoing surgery but is expected to be OK. At least 11 shots were fired, probably from more than one gun. The hospital reported that another gunshot victim had come in two days earlier saying that he had been shot outside the same school. Reports indicate that this school year alone 10 firearms have been found in or around schools in the District. Last year three students were shot streets adjacent to the school and 21 assaults were reported including an assault on the School Resource Officer.



MONROE, NJ  Parents were the real problem. A rumor about a sniper type shooting in conjunction with a fire drill caused over 100 parents to descend upon the school. Many of them were speeding all the way to the entrance which was more dangerous than the erroneous rumor. Students used their cell phones to notify parents who panicked and rushed to the school. District policy does not allow students to use cell phones at school. Police officers and school officials were taken from other duties to control the crowd of parents.



SUDBURY, MA - A 15-year old male student was fatally stabbed Friday morning at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High. School personnel transported the student to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead at 8:12am.  A 16-year old male student blurted out, “I did it.” He also asked the police if the victim was OK. Apparently the two boys fought in the bathroom when one produced a long knife and stabbed his classmate twice, once in the leg and once in the heart. The suspect who is in jail now is reported to suffer from a form of autism, and other disorders for which he was on medication.


About 100 parents crowded around the school wanting information and their children. All 1600 students were sent home for the day. This affluent neighborhood is about 17 miles west of Boston.



COLUMBIA, S.C. A 17-year old student at Eau Claire High School was found to have a knife while on a school bus. When he refused to hand it over to teachers, the police were called and he was arrested.



Tulsa OK—A school bus driver has been arrested and charged with felony exhibiting obscene material to at least three students on his bus. The material was lewd pictures of himself on his cell phone. When arrested, police found the cell phone still on him with the pictures still in it. District officials are recommending he be fired.



Memphis, TN--A 12 year old student was shot Friday on his way home from school in Parkway Village. The victim told police he was walking home with friends along Berrydale Avenue when a group of boys fired a gun at them. The wounded student was struck in the shoulder and neck. He was kept at a local hospital overnight. No arrests have been made.



NORTHBORO, MA— A 16-year-old Hudson girl was arrested yesterday after allegedly threatening in an online chat room to kill two Melican Middle School students.



Keymar, MD A 17-year old resident at Bowling Brook Preparatory School died today after being placed in restraint by staff members. The school operates under a contract with the state of Maryland to educate juvenile offenders.



SAVANNAH, TN -- A 17-year-old student at Hardin County High School is in critical condition at a Memphis hospital after suffering an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. The victim entered a restroom in the school where he shot himself. Police have not yet determined if the shooting was accidental or a suicide attempt. The school was placed in Lockdown and about 750 students were picked up early by their parents. A week earlier, a man shot and wounded his wife then killed himself in the parking lot across the street from the High School. The school has been in the process of tightening security.



Binghamton, NY A 13-year old student at East Middle School was struck in the side of her head by a BB after it shattered the window of the school bus she was riding. She was taken to a hospital for treatment. The wound was not thought to be life threatening. Quick response by police is credited with the arrest of two juveniles. A second bus was dispatched to complete the run with other students onboard.



MIDDLETON, NOVA SCOTIA — A group of students brought a high school hockey game in Middleton to a halt after they began shooting fans, players and officials with 9mm look-alike pistols that fire hard plastic pellets. So far 5 students have been charged in the incident. RCMP officials are concerned about the growing inappropriate use of these guns as police could mistake them for real guns and respond accordingly. This was the fourth similar erious incident in recent months. These guns are similar to the one used by a student Florida that caused a police officer to use deadly force in response. The student died.



ROGERS, AR -- A 10-year-old girl was abducted and raped on Eastside Elementary School campus. The girl was dropped off at the school around 7 am to catch a bus to her school which is about a mile away. Eastside Elementary does not open its doors until 7:15 when teachers arrive for duty. Between these times she was dragged away and raped. The suspect who was arrested the same day is currently on parole, probation and a suspended sentence from previous convictions and is a Registered Sexual Offender.



Chattanooga, TN  A students at Brainerd High school brought a loaded gun to school. School officials received a tip that the sophomore was bringing a gun and planned to shoot people. The School Resource Officer approached the student about the gun but he denied having one. Later he tried to ditch the gun in a trash can. Detectives recovered it and found it was fully loaded. The school was placed in lockdown while every student, backpack and locker was searched to make sure there were no more weapons. Police believe the incident was gang related. 



Los Angels, CA – An 18 year-old male was shot and killed at Charles R. Drew Middle School on Friday. The shooting took place in the gym after 5pnm. His identity and student status are not yet known. He was struck multiple times by the gun fire in his upper torso. Sheriff’s Deputies are looking for more than one attacker.



SHILOH, IL — An 8 year-old student was killed and two of his classmates seriously injured when an automobile drove their cafeteria at Shiloh Elementary School. The driver is 84 but police have said they do not know if her age played a part in the accident. School was in session the following day with counselors on hand. The hole in the cafeteria wall was patched and students ate their meals there. Police were present to help the students feel safer.



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