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onsiteTrainingOnsite training is becoming more and more common today as corporations are looking for ways to train their personnel without having to pay for travel.  The prevalence of computers today have made onsite training more necessary than ever before.  There are many benefits to this type of training that benefit not only the corporation but also the employee who is being  trained.

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onlineTrainingWe now provide on-line training with CEU Certificates at a very reasonable cost or even no  cost, and we bring it right to you!!  Check out our MS-13 Gang Training Webinar

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ConsultationServices Multi-Disciplinary Team of Subject-Matter-Experts Check them out Today!

Providing consulting services to parents, public and private schools; civic groups; business and other organizations devoted to helping children, adolescents and adults. 

Keys has assisted a number of organizations in developing programs and acting as the Evaluator for their violent and at-risk student programs, to include out-come based evaluation measurement tools.  For more information or to obtain a quote on this service.

“When contracted with Keys’ to perform an internal program evaluation, they again exceeded what I expected.  The staff of Keys are true professionals,whose easy going manner of getting the job done, causes everyone involved to feel at ease and confident.  Their credentials and breadth of experience mark them as the most capable organization I have every worked with.  I would gladly recommend them to anyone in need of youth or management services. Debbie Bryant, Executive Director, Ouachita Children’s Center Check Out “Keys’ Review” from those we served

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AdviceServicesLet our team of Subject-Matter-Experts help you resolve the issue that you are facing or point you in a  direction to find your answers.

We provide Caring and Professional Advice  from Licensed Therapists who offer years of  experience working with troubled youth, young adults, behavior problems and relationship issues .

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KeynoteSpeakerThese Experts have spoke Nationally & Internationally at conferences and conventions on various topics Select from our Multi-Disciplinary Team of Subject-Matter-Experts on any of the following topics and more; Learn More…

Safe ChaptersStudents And Families Empowered (SAFE) is a student- initiated program for ALL students who believe that students’ ideas and initiative are the most  powerful tools to ending youth violence. Learn More…

L.O.V.E  CampaignLock Out Violence Everyday Campaign. L.O.V.E.  is a campaign to raise the awareness within a Community, City or State of the violence  taking place in our schools, homes and communities. Learn More….

VisitorBadgesUnauthorized Personnel on your campus poses one of the most serious threats to Students and Staff.  Our visitor badge program will make your school safer. Visitor Badge Security Program (Learn how to get it for free!) Learn More…