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Student Assembly Model

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Student AssemblyStudent Assembly Model

The Student Assembly Model is designed to reach a large group of young people in a single setting and when there are time constraints to disseminate the information.  Keys’ utilizes multiple methods to present the information like; roll plays, hands-on-activities, demonstrations, visual tools and other more.

Keys’ Assemblies are to teach student ways to master essential life skills Student Assemblyby encouraging critical thinking, to introducing them to new or impactful information.

The session will allow students to gain an awareness, insight and an understanding of the knowledge presented through various learning methods.

Students will be able to define the main topic, learn to recognized, explore interventions and interview methods of problem solving situations.

They will be provided with tools to identify, recognize and strategies needed to meet the challenges presented.

In-Service Benefits of a Student Assembly

  • Designed to reach large groups of Students
  • Disseminate information in a summary fashion
  • Reduced Time requirements (1-3 hours)
  • Reduced Costs
  • Provided by Subject-Matter-Experts at your site.

Student Assemblies and activities are designed to inform students and sometimes their parents as to their responsibilities to do their part in maintaining and contributing to a safe school and its climate.

Among the topics listed below or that may be provided by Keys’ are; responsibility to report suspected violence (Kids are the Keys), and more…


Keys To Safer can provide the training to your school to establish programs such as: