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Suicidal Recognition & Prevention Online Training

Suicide Prevention
Learning how to help or prevent a suicide!

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The Definition of Suicide

In general, suicide is attempted/completed by persons who are experiencing intense psychological pain in response to unmet needs. Lacking the skills and resources to cope with this pain, they view suicide as the only reasonable solution to ending their suffering.


Table of Contents

  • Suicide Recognition and Prevention Webinar On-Demand

    Includes: CEU Credits 1.5 hrs, Certificate of Completion and Certification with utilize Curriculum

    • Suicide Ratesdepressed

    • What Factors Place Students at Risk of Suicide?

    • How can a Student who is Potentially Suicidal be Recognized?

    • What Can Educators and Others Do?

    • What are the Schools Responsibilities Regarding Assessment?

    • What are the Components of an Effective School Program


    Take Suicide Webinar Today!!

    Take Suicide Webinar Today!!

    Take this Comprehensive Webinar On-Demand today!