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Agency Resources: Webinar Suicidal R&PT

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Every community has organizations ready to provide information, counseling, and medical help. Please call on them for advice and support for yourself or for someone you suspect is contemplating suicide.

Other resources in your area…

AIDS Information and Testing
National AIDS Hotline
(800) 342-2437
Legal Assistance
Statewide Legal Services
(800) 453-3320
(888) 825-2666
Medical Clinic
Infoline 2-1-1
Alcohol Treatment
Infoline 2-1-1
Mental Health Clinic
Infoline 2-1-1
Alcoholics Anonymous
(800) 530-9511
Narcotics Anonymous
(800) 627-3543
Child Abuse Hotline
(800) 842-2288
Parent Education
Infoline 2-1-1
Infoline 2-1-1
Pregnancy Testing and Options Counseling
Infoline 2-1-1
Domestic Violence Hotline
(888) 774-2900
Rape Crisis Center
(888) 999-5545
Eating Disorder Treatment
Infoline 2-1-1
Runaway Hotline
(800) 621-4000
Emergency Shelter
Infoline 2-1-1
Self-Help Support Groups
Infoline 2-1-1
Employment Assistance
Infoline 2-1-1
Substance Abuse Treatment
Infoline 2-1-1
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Services and Support
Infoline 2-1-1
Suicide Prevention Hotline
Infoline 2-1-1
Health Insurance
The HUSKY Plan (for youth)
(877) CT-HUSKY
Teen Line
Teens Against Negligence Hotline
(888) 322-0008
CT Department of Insurance (adults)
(800) 203-3447
Victim-Witness Assistance
State of Connecticut Victim Services
(800) 822-8428


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