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Personal Resources: Webinar Suicidal R&PT

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When you or someone you love is in crisis, you may have difficulty identifying people in your life and/or in your community who can provide assistance and support. Below is a list of such persons. Please contact them if you or someone you love needs help.

People You May Already Know and Trust…

Mom Partner Peer Help
Dad Mother-In-Law Custodian
Older Sister Father-In-Law Cafeteria Staff
Older Brother Sister-In-Law Professor
Grandmother Brother-In-Law Academic Advisor
Grandfather Friend Roommate
Adult Daughter Friend’s Mom Residential Assistant
Adult Son Friend’s Dad Residential Director
Aunt Friend’s Older Sister Campus Nurse
Uncle Friend’s Older Brother Campus Physician
Cousin Friend’s Grandmother Campus Counselor
Step-Mother Friend’s Grandfather Campus Social Worker
Step-Father Friend’s Adult Daughter Campus Clergy
Older Step-Sister Friend’s Adult Son Co-Worker
Older Step-Brother Girlfriend EAP/Human Resources
Adult Step-Daughter Boyfriend Doctor
Adult Step-Son Classmate OBGYN
Legal Guardian Teammate Counselor
Foster Mother Principal Social Worker
Foster Father Assistant Principal Psychologist
Older Foster Sister Teacher Psychiatrist
Older Foster Brother Coach Support Group Member
Foster Grandmother Guidance Counselor Priest/Pastor/Minister
Foster Grandfather School Social Worker Rabbi
Wife School Nurse Other Religious Leaders
Husband School Secretary Police 


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