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Risk Factors for Suicide: Webinar Suicidal R&PT


Stress is unavoidable; it comes from a combination of life events and the personal interpretations and meanings we attach to them. Most people, most of the time, are able to cope with and manage the stresses of life without turning to the option of self destruction. On the other hand, sometimes, severe stress overwhelms one’s capacity to cope and suicide becomes a possibility. The presence of severe stress may be seen as a possible indicator of suicide. We call these indicators “risk factors.”


Suicide of parent, spouse, or loved one Moving to a new school
Death of spouse or child High achievers/learning disabled
Death of parent School failure
Divorce or separation from spouse College rejections
Divorce or separation of parent Disciplinary crisis
Break up with boyfriend/girlfriend Arrest/incarceration
Remarriage of former spouse Victim of crime
Remarriage of parent Presence of gun in home
Lack of meaningful attachments Witnessing violent event
Belief one is not wanted by others Running away from home
Emotional abuse Sexual identity conflict
Physical abuse Rejection
Domestic violence Alienation
Sexual abuse or rape Low self-esteem
Serious illness in the family Feelings of powerlessness
Loss of health Feelings of hopelessness
Becoming disabled Rigidity/perfectionism
Psychiatric illness Loss of identity/status
Substance Abuse – self Financial setbacks
Substance Abuse – family member Loss of employment
History of suicidal behavior Retirement

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