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A Second Opinion?


 Are you needing just a little help with:

  • A personal issue
  • Starting a new program
  • Writing a grant
  • A bully at work or school
  • Your child’s school or court situation
  • Your child’s behavior

Let our team help you resolve the issue that you are facing or point you in a direction to find your answers.

We provide Caring and Professional Advice  from Licensed Therapists who offer years of experience working with troubled youth, young adults, behavior problems and relationship issues .

We also offer Expert Advice from years of experience working with schools, clinics, courts and other organizations, helping them to develop and/or evaluate programs and helping them to obtain funding for programs (click to Learn More).

We offer email advice and/or opinions about your specific situation for a nominal fee of $15 per email or $35 for 3 emails purchased in advance.. To insure that you get the best value for your money, include as much information as possible.

Important information items include (Note: Please NO  confidential information unless you are legally able.):

  • Age, sex, grade
  • Family structure–number, order, parents, siblings, etc.
  • Presenting problem, past history, corrective steps taken, medications, disciplinary history, etc.
  • School situation
  • Program(s) to be developed.
  • Information you are seeking
  • Goal you seek

Act Now to recieve Services


What do I do if emailing does not work for me?

Keys’ also provide our Expert Advice Service through;

* Live individual,
* private Computer Chats or
* Direct toll-free telephone sessions

Appointments and payment methods for these two items are arranged on a case-by-case basis.  Please email us for details at
Other payment options