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Train-the-Trainer’s (TtT) Model

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Train-the-Trainer FormatKeys’ Train-the-Trainer’s (TtT) Model   


Keys’ Train-the-Trainer (TtT) model, which is an international based research delivery system also called pyramidal training, triadic training, and helper model training. In this TtT Model – Keys’ focuses on initially training a person or people (Trainer(s)) who, in turn, train other people (Facilitators) at their local agency/district level. The international based research of Keys’ delivery system demonstrates the effectiveness of our TtT programs which highlights the strong potential for applicability of our methods to translate evidence-based practices (EBP) to universities, workplaces, organizations, schools and districts.

Local Trainers training Local FacilitatorsThe TtT model is both efficient and cost-effective. The TtT model may be especially useful in addressing issues of translating Keys’ interventions from research to practice and providing ongoing support to trainees (Facilitators). The TtT model has a sound body of literature supporting its effectiveness in a variety of contexts including, schools/districts, residential centers, hospitals for the mentally disabled and mental health clinics. TtT models also involved multiple types of trainees (Facilitators), including direct care providers, university students, parents, and teachers.

After Local Trainers train Local Facilitators then Local Faciitators use or train local populationIn other words, Keys’ TtT model is a highly affective delivery system which is the method used to translate our evidence-based practices (EBP), cutting edge and exceedingly practical programs.  This TtT model utilizes Keys’ International Subject-Matter Experts (SME) delivering Keys’ cutting-edge programs.  The goal is to create SME Trainers at the local level.  These local Trainers are to take Keys’ cutting-edge programs to their local agencies/districts.  Those Local SME Trainers will train Facilitators at the local level to impart this critical information.  These Facilitators will then use these skills, knowledge, programs and tools at the local level to bring about change with the entire local agency/district population (teachers, students, parents, youth workers, law enforcement, SRO’s, Emergency Management Staff, etc.).

What are the benefits to Key’s Train-the-Trainer Model:

  • Developing Subject-Matter-Expert trainers at the local level whereby creating a wealth of knowledge at the agency or district level.
  • Instead of relying on one individual to go through a lengthy training process, you can build a team of trainer instructors and then facilitators, so your training initiatives can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time.
  • Sustaining a highly affective program from year to year.
  • To educate new staff, students and the manage turn over.
  • Spreading knowledge more efficiently among your staff and students.
  • Continuous in-house staff development, modeling, and support over time.
  • Allowing you to address or train a larger number of employees while staying in budget.
  • More staff trained which can translate to less money spent on; travel, hotel, time off for training, and replacement staff to cover.
  • Staff learning from someone in their local organization.
  • Multiple trainers enabling you to initiate multiple learning tracks or classes going on at the same time, accelerating the completion of the overall objective.
  • Utilizes organizations internal training resources
  • Not dependent on calendars/availability of external agencies training schedule.
  • Internal trainers can easily integrate their knowledge of the industry and organization into the training content.
  • Internal trainers are grounded in their organization’s needs, goals, issues, internal dynamics – they can easily bring a level of relevance and value to the program
  • Increases capacity of internal trainers to add value to organizational learning
  • Builds internal trainers’ core capacity to become an even more vital and indispensable resource to your company
  • Can build a pool of trainers who can then teach the program and material to other staff for sustainability of the program.
  • Lastly, by allowing for courses, programs and initiative to be tailored to local issues.

How It Works

  1. Identify eligible staff who meet specific criteria for Train-the-Trainer based on program
  2. Receive Train-the-Trainer Certification by Keys’ Subject-Matter-Experts
  3. Tailor the program if and as required to include relevant examples and organization specifics to the Keys’ program and curriculum.