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Anger out of control destroys: VOL. 158


Anger out-of-control Destroys!!

How do we understand the Anger Process to help those out-of-control?

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Anger out-of-controlAnger out-of-control destroys.  Anger is a part of life that touches us all, a study has shown that anger in American Teens at an alarming rate.  In a study they found, nearly two-thirds of American teenagers admit to having “anger attacks” that involve destruction of property, threatening violence or engaging in physical violence.

In this study published in the Journal Archives of General Psychiatry on Anger in Adolescents, they found one in 12 has intermittent explosive disorder, characterized by chronic, uncontrollable fits of rage.

This is an enormous problem in our schools and communities.  With these teens, it has been found that – one wrong look could trigger a extreme anger reaction.

The study also showed that “one in 12 kids” have this problem of extreme anger, according to one of the researchers.  Those with anger issues very often continue to have this problem into adulthood; affecting their education, jobs and marriages.”  Not to mention the criminal implications of anger out of control.  See how Anger out-of-control can move us to do some of the most ridiculous things.

Anger ripped from the News in June 2015 (Yes, these stories are true):

  1. Roommate Attacked With Box Cutter Because Of Dirty Towel: Police
    Maybe he should have thrown in the towel instead of getting so upset about one. A Florida man sits behind bars on $100,000 bail after allegedly slashing his roommate with a box cutter during a fight over a dirty towel.
  2. FOOD FIGHT: Woman Stabbed In BBQ Argument Over Last Rib
    A beef over barbecue ribs led to a one woman stabbing another woman in the eye with a fork. Sabrina A. Davis, 45, was arrested Sunday night after allegedly stabbing another woman who complained that Davis had taken the last rib.
  3. Man Allegedly Chokes Fiancee For Trash-Talking NASCAR
    An argument over NASCAR and IndyCar has led to domestic battery charges for a man in Franklin, Indiana. David Wilson, 57, was arrested Sunday after he allegedly choked his fiancée during an Indianapolis 500 viewing party.
  4. Woman Attacks Snoring Boyfriend With Crowbar: Police Report
    A man in Lincoln, Nebraska, woke up to a real life nightmare Monday morning: His girlfriend was hitting him in the back with a crowbar. Elizabeth Hogrefe, 45, allegedly attacked her 58-year-old boyfriend because she couldn’t take his snoring, police said.
  5. Man Assaults Roommate In iPhone Vs. Android Argument: Cops Report
    Stabbing a guy who doesn’t agree with your choice of smartphone doesn’t seem very smart. Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, arrested a man who allegedly did that to his roommate.
  6. The Troubling Connection Between Anger Management Problems And Gun Access
    Nearly one in 10 U.S. adults have both a history of impulsive anger and access to a firearm, according to a new study by researchers from Duke, Harvard and Columbia universities. The researchers also found that 1.5 percent of adults with impulsive anger issues carry a gun.
  7. Introducing ‘Internet Rage,’ The Road Rage Of Our Time
    You may already be familiar with “sidewalk rage.” It’s what happens to your blood pressure when the person in front of you takes too long in the grocery line — or the quick, heated anger that creeps up the back of your neck when you find yourself stuck behind a phalanx of slow walkers on the street.
  8. Why Being Angry At Your Spouse May Be Bad For Your Kids
    If you think you can have a chip on your shoulder directed toward your spouse — that won’t affect your child.  Husband feels wife is controlling him and he gets frustrated.  Husband is bottling up hurt and it can affect every relationship in his life, like his daughter.
  9. Stop Arguing With Guns: The Importance of Knowing When to Back Down
    The fact that someone has a propensity to behave violently doesn’t ipso facto mean that they would ever express this anger by using a gun. But there is no other form of personal behavior that is as dangerous and costly as pulling a trigger at yourself or someone else. Wouldn’t it be much easier to just get rid of the guns?

Learn more about:

  • how anger works,
  • learn more about primary emotions versus secondary emotions,
  • how to target a certain area,
  • why individuals vent,
  • three different areas to target and
  • how this will help individuals have more control over their anger.

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