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Bullying Stops When Respect Begins (BSWRB)

Bullying Stops when Respect Begins
Stop Bullying in its tracks

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Bullying Stops When Respect BeginsThis program is a school-based social & emotional learning program designed to bring new awareness to the problem, develop understanding about the issue, implement new skills to empower, to decrease bullying and help you (the student) build more respectful, caring peer relationships.

bulliesNot just another Anti-Bullying Training.  It is a research based program.  It is a facility-based social & emotional learning program designed to bring new awareness to the problem, develop understanding about the issue, implement new skills to empower, to decrease bullying and help all build more respectful, caring peer relationships and build environments that are supportive, accepting of differences and uplifting.  The course will educate all on the; characteristics of bullies, victims, parents, schools and those who support bullying activities by doing nothing (by-standers).  Participants will develop knowledge on running an Anti-Bullying Campaign and how to embed a Character Ed Workbook (included in training, see below) which is utilized by all (See details of items included below).  At the conclusion of this training each participant will be qualified to work with others to initiate the elements of this program and to use effectively the exercises presented with end result of reducing or eliminating bullying and building a supportive environment.

Bullying Stops when Respect Begins
is based on Research.

 Empirical evidence supports the effectiveness of school-based programs that combine

  • adult training,
  • skill practice for students,
  • school-wide rules pertaining specifically to bullying, and
  • increasing parental awareness of the problem.

Research also suggests that friendship acts as a buffer for bullying’s harmful effects.

Finally, teaching assertiveness, empathy, and emotion management to students promotes their social & emotional development.

School students have reported an increase in bullying with severe consequences to themselves and their schools. As if this were not enough, bullying has been identified in a national study as a factor in the recent school shootings. At Columbine a group of school athletes bullied the two boys who later became shooters. Almost any group in anyone’s school could be the “bullies” and and it would be accurate at some point in time. Bullying can be physical, emotional or social. Keys‘ Bullying Program offers four modules to fully address the different aspects of    this complex issue.  These are:

  1. The Victim: How to handle being bullied by a peer.
  2. The Bully: How to identify the need for bullying and better ways to meet that need.
  3. The School: How to deal with both sides of bullying in a productive manner.
  4. The Parent: How to recognize signs that your child is being bullied, how to help your child cope with bullies and how to interact with   the school about a bullying situation.

Training is available for Teachers and School Administrators dealing with bullying and developing effective policies on bullying.   Keys can assist your school with Parenting Training and the development of Support groups on recognizing and dealing with bullying.  Keys also offers General Assemblies to address the student body, and the curriculum for Conflict Resolution and Socializing skills for victims & bullies.

What a Top Bullying Author has to say about Keys training:
 I am delighted to discover a “port” in cyber-space that offers resources that CAN create safe zones for the bodies and spirits of our young people.  It is wonderful to see Keys To Safer state-of-the-art technology provide easy access to such a comprehensive list of free and low-cost materials and training programs.  Every school needs to be aware of what Keys is doing whether it is to help with minor incidents that go almost unnoticed in the hallways or major events that end up in national headlines.  When enough people put their minds to solving a problem, from wiping out a polio virus or an epidemic of violence, it can be done!

Kate Cohen-Posey M.S. LMHC LMFT and Author of
How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and Other Meanies

A School Counselor’s Endorsement:
The Keys bullying Training is an excellent session with a lot of information on Bullying and Cyber-Bullying. The presenters are dynamic and very knowledgeable on the topics. I would recommend this training to anyone who is interested in making their schools safer places. The training itself is very interactive and full of many experiential exercises. Most importantly, you have materials when you leave the training that you can immediately use when you return to your schools.
Roberta Stanford, School Counselor – Clarenville, Newfoundland, CA

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 This Workshop is power packed with information,
techniques, a student workbook and more…

The Training & Manual

 * What is bullying?  * Why look at bullying today?
 * What’s a Victim look like?  * What’s a Bully look like?
 * How to Identify the “Levels of Severity” of bullying  * What can a school do to stop bullying in its tracks.
 * Empowering Students to change their school from within.  * Learn how bullying today is different from bullying of the past. 

The Workbook

 * Targets upper Elementary –  Jr. High  * Provides exercise to mold behavior in Students
 * Nationally Researched Applicable to Every School and FUN

This training is a “must have” for every school in the today’s world!

Included in the Workshop

Items listed below are included in the training cost .

 * Bullying Facilitators Manual (hardcopy)
 * Template of Sample Bullying Policies (hardcopy)
 * Bullying Survey (hardcopy)
 * Template of Sample Letters (hardcopy)
 * Sample Posters, Bully Busting Pledge Cards (hardcopy)
 * Sample Rules, Random Respect Action Cards & more…
 * Student Activity Workbook with exercises and cards.

At completion of Training Workshop

 * Certification 
  • Certified trainers able to train other staff at school/organization
 * Curriculum
  • Have information to include into lessons
  • Have activities for Students to complete


 * Bully Stops when Respect Begins – Banner 
 * Bully Stops when Respect Begins – Large Color Posters 
 * Bully Stops when Respect Begins – Buttons
 * Bully Stops when Respect Begins – Pledge Cards
 * Bully Stops when Respect Begins – Random Respect Action Cards

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