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Bus Driver Training: Student Management in a Hostile Environment

Managing the Mobile Classroom

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Bus Driver Training

This “one-of-a-kind” MUST HAVE training –  trained all over the US and Canada.  Every day millions of children ride a bus to and from school. There is only one adult on board and his or her primary mission is the safe mechanical operation of the vehicle on congested or lonely roads. Just as important is his or her secondary mission of managing the students, their parents and unexpected incidents along the route. This one-of-a-kind training is designed to equip the driver with skills to handle this secondary mission. The training includes taking classroom knowledge and moving it into physical demonstrations on a bus, interactive exercises and sharing with others in the field.  All this serve to make the workshops dynamic and relevant. The Guide that supports the training serves as a great resource but was not intended to act as a “self taught” lesson.  Skills provided by this training include:

  • The Bus as a Mobile Classroom –The driver as Teacher, Principal, Counselor and Custodian.
    • busfightHow to Spot a Potentially Dangerous Situation and Manage &/or Avoid it.
    • How to De-escalate Potential Violence.
    • How to Avoid Power Struggles.
    • How to Respond to Violence or Danger.
      • Bullying
      • Fighting
      • Hijacking
      • Guns and other weapons
      • Drugs or Alcohol
    • How to Prevent or Respond to Acts of Terrorism.
    • How to Identify and Report Students who need immediate help.

It is based on Internationally Researched projects and developed by professionals who have worked with students, juvenile offenders and angry adults for many years.  Not another class on theory, this training is:

*  Practical    * Hands-on,

*  How-to   * Informal  *  Skills oriented

Target Audience: Transportation Directors and Supervisors, Bus Driver Trainers, Drivers, School Resource Officers (SRO), Bus Aides, Parents, Volunteers and others who are connected with or use school owned or contracted transportation for students.

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