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Drug Recognition and Intervention

Drug Addiction & Training


Drug Recognition & Intervention Training Program Targets Schools & Youth Organizations


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Substance abuse among youth has reached epidemic proportions. To combat this trend, Keys to Safer has developed a multifaceted program aimed at meeting the needs of the student, the school and the community.

This unique and valuable training will assist Youth Oriented Organizations in establishing a of Drug Abatement program through a tailored approached that includes education, training and services.

We will deal with Drug Recognition, Drug Identification, User Effects, Drug Abuse Prevention and Intervention concerns, Search and Seizure Laws, School investigation and other Legal Considerations, Investigation of Drug drugsUsage on Campus, Possession and Dealing guidelines and much more.

At the conclusion of the training, each attendee will be;
  • Awarded a Certificate as a Trainer/Facilitators.  Or provide just an inservice or student assembly.
  • Awarded 16 contact hours for continuing education for a Trainer Course.
  • Provided an in-depth Manual covering many topics
  • Recognition and Intervention techniques.
  • Able to identify illicit drugs by appearance and/or smell
  • Able to identify the effects of illicit drugs in people
  • Skilled in techniques for acquiring drug knowledge from youth
  • Knowledgeable of the physiological, mental and emotional impact of drugs
  • Equipped to tailor a drug abatement program for the school
  • Knowledgeable of parameters for operating within the law
  • Knowledgeable of drug testing techniques and systems

Our Team of Subject Matter Experts brings to this training a base of experience that includes over 100 years of service in Substance Abuse and Recovery, Mental Health and Legal practices.

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