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INSPIRE-U Therapeutic Summer Day Treatment Program

Implementing an Effective Therapeutic Summer Day Treatment Program for Youth

Train students by Imparting Necessary Skills & Prepare, Inspire, Reward and Empower them

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Keys’ has designed the INSPIRE-U Mental Health Day Treatment Program for Youth.  This program was developed for Mental Health Organizations wanting to put an intensive Therapeutic Day Treatment for Youth in place.  What is Included? Click Here

Inspire-U Day Treatment Program

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This program was designed to be utilized in a number of different settings, like a:

  • Stand Alone Day Treatment Program
  • School Based Day Treatment Program
  • A Mental Health Day Treatment Program connected to an ALE/ALC (Alternative Learning Environment/Alternative Learning Center)
  • Part of a Boot Camp Program
  • A In-Patient Mental Health Program component

The Program will train students by
Imparting Necessary Skills & Prepare, Inspire, Reward and Empower
themselves, others and the community.

We are confident your staff and youth will enjoy the warm, safe, therapeutic and nurturing environment and our many activities this program brings. In this structured environment, participants are given the opportunity to recognize their strength and weaknesses, develop appropriate social and work habits, address their interpersonal relationship problems, and cope with their mental and emotional issues. The program provides youth with many opportunities for creative expression, learning and active therapeutic activities, as well as development of social skills, anger management skills, developing behavioral skills, dealing with bullies or other areas identified by therapists’ in a relaxed, fun and caring atmosphere.

The training and guide is to provide an integrated set of child and family services during the day, which are aimed at stabilizing, developing, and improving the child’s mental health. These therapeutic services are designed to prevent placement in more restrictive and costly settings such as inpatient hospitalization or residential treatment centers. Day treatment is also ideal for children who are discharged from more intensive levels of care such as inpatient or residential care. It offers transitional support, which can significantly reduce occurrences of re-hospitalization.

The purpose for this “Rehab Manual” is to provide Agency staff with sample information in implementing Rehab Day Treatment programs with components to include;

  • program rule,
  • behavioral systems,
  • point systems,
  • group Therapist activity
  • Other Therapist activity ideas tools and more.

The contents of this manual should be considered dynamic and changeable in its guidelines as new implementations are tried and studied, and evaluated. This manual was designed to be utilized in the development of a comprehensive INSPIRE-U Child/Adolescent Day Treatment Programs.   This manual is not intended to be an all-encompassing manual but a useful tool for program staff.

This manual can be used to cover various types of Rehab Treatment Programs like;

  • School-based Day Treatment Program,
  • Summer Day Treatment Components,
  • After School Treatment Programs, or
  • other half or full-day Rehab Treatment Programs.
Inspire-U: Table of Contents

Inspire-U: Table of Contents

Day Treatment Implementation Guide:  
         What is included!

Table of Content

  1. Inspire-U Activities Guide
    Goal, Philosophy & Program Components
    A. Target Population, Staff/Child Ratios
    B. Development of a Behavioral Management System
    * Behavioral Point System (7 types – age related)
    C. Program Rules/Guidelines
    D. Individualize Behavioral Management Plans
    A. Activities – Therapeutic Activities
    (1) Developing Program Themes
    (2) Group Activities
    * Sample Group Project Ideas
    (3) Sample Therapeutic Group Ideas
    * Children, Middle School
    * Preteens & Teens
    (4) Family Involvement:
    * Engagement of Families
    * Family Sessions
    A. Implementation Detailed Steps
    SECTION V: Other Resources
  2. Additional Group ideas
  3. Inspire-U Parents & Students Guide:  Program Component & Informational Handbook
    with signature pages to turn in to program
  4. Bullying Workbook for Students Individual or Group activities
  5. Inspire-U Guidelines for Staff:  Policies & Procedures Companion Guide
    Templates in MSWord
    1. Implementation Start-up Guide: Detail Step-by-step process
    2. Calendar of Events
    3. Daily Schedule – Day Treatment Activities Schedule; 3 formats* and much more….


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