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Multi-Hazard Crisis/Emergency Plan Drills Training

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Multi-Hazard Response Drills

A training designed to take a district through testing their Multi-Hazard Crisis/Emergency Plan.  It deals with exercising the Multi-Hazard Plan that has been developed to determine that it works and to refine any trouble spots that may show up.

The real test of a Multi-Hazard Plan is an actual crisis; however, that is also the least desirable way to discover how well or how poorly the plan functions. A far better method is the Multi-Hazard Drills.

There are four levels of drills that any school can and should consider:

  • District wide Crisis Drill
  • School Drill
  • Command Post Drill
  • Table Top Drill

Much, Much More not-included…..  

*  Multi-Hazard Crisis/Emergency Plan
*  Multi-Hazard Action Team Flip-Chart
*  Classroom Mulit-Hazard Action Flip-Chart w/Codes for all schools
*  Multi-Hazard S.I.P. Kits “Shelter-in-Place”
*  Keys’ Knowledge Base Center

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