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Risk/Threat Assessment Team Model



To provide knowledge, skills, tools and interventions to those who need it for the purpose of reducing violence.


To develop systems to more efficiently identify those who may be in need of professional intervention and a standard means of providing such intervention.  Organizations fail to respond appropriately by;

… because that lack information, knowledge, tools and effective skills.

Training Programs

“Why didn’t we see it coming!”  This plaintive cry has been heard after every mass shooting in America. Many government agencies have explored the possibility of identifying the next potential shooter before they kill others. There are quite a number of these national & international reports in circulation now. Yet we seem to be no closer to detection and prevention than we were 20 years ago.

We at Keys’ have utilized our Experts’ years of experience dealing with this population and added that to the government sponsored research documents, examined the incidents, the perpetrators, environment and the location. The result of this effort is this Assessment Model for schools and organizations to consider in attempting to identify those who may be traveling the same path that these shooters were on.

Please note that the Assessment Model does not purport to identify those as potential shooters, only that that may need immediate help.  It is critical to the success of this program and the success of the individuals, that no labeling is done.

By now, everyone should be aware that for any such program to be effective it must encompass the entire organization’s community and not leave gaps where violence can lie dormant until it explodes anew.   This Assessment Model involves the organization-officials, staff, faculty, the community and-especially-the students or others in need of help. It is presented in individual components which work best in conjunction with one another but which may be applied individually depending on the organization’s needs.

NOTE: This Model meets the recommendation of the Columbine Review Commission Report and other nation/international reports which have been conducted on this topic.