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Decatur Ga Incident – A Peaceful Resolution


school shooting suspect Michael Brandon Hill, 20

school shooting suspect Michael Brandon Hill, 20

He wasn’t a student.

20 years old and armed, he came to the school intent on killing people and was prepared to die himself.

The outcome this time was different.

Yes,  some fire was exchanged between this young man and law enforcement, but this time…..Nobody was injured.    This time… the young man surrendered peacefully and is now in custody.

Why did he just surrender?  It was all thanks to a school clerk who was being held captive.  Antoinette Tuff prayed for this young man and began talking to him.

She told him about her life, asked the man his name and little by little she convinced him to lay down his weapon and surrender to authorities.

The school was able to safely evacuate the children.

In the wake of Sandy Hook,  much has been said about better protection for schools.  Protection and prevention are critical, but in light of the incident in Georgia,  we might also consider training teachers and school staff  in crisis and Anger De-Escalation.