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Columbine Shooters

Student Violence Watch List


The National School Safety Center

See “Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student

…warns that a student showing some of these traits may become predisposed to violence.

  1. Has tantrums and uncontrollable angry outbursts
  2. Has been truant, suspended or expelled from school.
  3. Has little or no supervision and support from parents or a caring adult.
  4. Prefers reading materials dealing with violent themes, rituals and abuse.
  5. Characteristically resorts to name calling, cursing or abusive language.
  6. Habitually makes violent threats when angry.
  7. Has previously brought a weapon to school.
  8. Has a background of serious disciplinary problems.
  9. Has a background of drug, alcohol or other substance abuse or dependency.
  10. Has few or no close friends.
  11. Is preoccupied with weapons, explosives or other incendiary devices.
  12. Displays cruelty to animals.
  13. Has witnessed or been a victim of neglect or abuse in the home.
  14. Has been bullied and/or bullies or intimidates peers or younger children.
  15. Tends to blame others for difficulties and problems they cause.
  16. Consistently prefers TV shows, reading materials, movies or music expressing violent themes, rituals and abuse.
  17. Reflects anger, frustration and the dark side of life in school writing projects.
  18. Has a fascination with death and weapons
  19. Is involved with a gang or an antisocial group on the fringe of peer acceptance.
  20. Is often depressed and has significant mood swings.
  21. Has threatened or attempted suicide.