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School Violence 04/05

School Year 04/05

Let's Stop the violence! 

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Map of School Shootings

See Map of
School Shootings
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Below is a brief listing of violence in schools gleaned from news sources: 

Dates in RED indicate fatalities.

August 3, 2004: Birmingham , AL - Brandon Wood, age 17, shot Jamelle Elliot in the shoulder during a break in band practice. Wood is being charged with attempted murder although witness say the shooting appeared to be an accident.  

August 30, 2004: Melrose Park , IL - A 22 year old man was shot and killed while standing in the parking lot across the street from Proviso East High School . He was waiting for school to be out so he could walk his younger brother home. Police suspect gang involvement.  

September 16, 2004: Gary , IN - On his first day back at school from suspension, a sophomore was arrested for shooting a gun into the air at William A. Wirt High School.  Fortunately no one was hurt in the incident.

Two Vista Ridge High School students, 15 and 16, are locked up at the Williamson County Juvenile Justice Center.

Cedar Park police arrested and charged the boys with a third degree felony of terroristic threatening. "The 15- and 16-year-olds described a plot on how they would come to the school, smuggle weapons into the school on a cold day under some heavy coats, a day that a pep rally was going to be held and that they were going to commit an on-campus shooting. The words that they used was 'Columbine-style shooting,'" Capt. Jeff Hayes of the Cedar Park Police Department said.

September 28, 2004: Buenos Aires, Argentina - Four students were killed at Islas Malvinas Public School about 600 miles south of Buenos Aires when another student went on a shooting rampage. The 15-year old shooter wounded at least five other students. Authorities report that the shooting took place just before classes started with no apparent motive or warning.

September 28, 2004:
Austin , TX - Two students are in custody after plotting a “Columbine style” shooting at Vista Ridge High School . A third student came forward with the information about the plot that led to the arrest.

October 7, 2004: Marshfield , MA - Little information has been released about a student who planned to kill other students including football players and to blow up the school. His plans were to commemorate the shootings at Columbine by timing his attack for April 20.

November 22, 2004: Philadelphia , PA - Jalil Speaks, 16, was shot to death today outside Strawberry Mansion High School in North Philadelphia . Three other students were injured. A 16- year old student is being sought by police as a suspect in the shooting.  

November 24, 2004: Valparaiso, Ind. Five students were stabbed by another student at Valparaiso High School today. The 15-year old attacker was tackled by teachers and held until police arrived. He is reported to be a good student with no apparent motive for the attack. All but one of the victims were released from the hospital the remaining victim is said to be in good condition.  

November 29, 2004: Ruzhou, China - Eight students died and four more were injured at a residential high school in the West Central China’s town of Ruzhou . The suspect sneaked into the dormitory and slashed some student’s throats and stabbed others in the heart. To make matters worse, this is the 6th school killing in China since August when a school janitor stabbed 14 kindergarten students, killing on of them.  In September a bus driver attached and slashed 24 students.  In November a teacher killed four students and wounded 12 and an unidentified man killed a six-year old and stuffed his body into the school's washing machine.  The violence is not confined to grade schools; in April a college student hacked four classmates to death out of jealousy because he could not afford shoes. Across China , juvenile crimes of murder, rape and battery are increasing at more than 10% per year.  Stunned parents and authorities are searching for answers. Some believe the problem is connected to increased personal freedom, the decline of authoritarian control and the loss of moral values once supplied by communist ideology.

November 30, 2004: Manchester , UK - A 15-year old student died today after a fight at Broadloak Comprehensive School in Partington, Trafford at 12:30pm. A 14-year-old boy has been arrested. 

Other violence in UK schools claimed the life of 14 year old who was stabbed to death in the school corridor of Birkbeck Secondary School in Lincolnshire .

December 4, 2004: Toronto , ON A 10th grade student at East York Collegiate Institute in Toronto was fatally stabbed by another student at a restaurant during a lunch break.  

December 8, 2004: Charlotte , NC A 15 year-old student was rushed from West Mecklenburg High School to the hospital after being stabbed. His 14 year-old girl friend apparently cut him with a box cutter. Police are investigating her claims that it was an accident.

December 10, 2004: Ontario , Canada A 10th grade teacher was shot several times in the head while in the parking lot at her school. Bramalea Secondary School in Brampton was immediately placed in lockdown with students hiding under their desks. Since they have practiced this drill several times, most students were not aware that this was any thing other than another drill. There was no panic. Police determined that the shooting was the result of a domestic dispute and no students were involved.

December 10, 2004: Spokane , WA A 17 year-old male student who was a junior at Lakeside High School smuggled a gun into his school. At 1:30 he shot himself in the head in a hallway and died shortly thereafter at a local hospital. No other students were injured.

December 13, 2004: Lake Charles , LA - An 18 year-old senior at La Grange High School was shot in the leg at noon as he set in his car. Police are looking for the attacker. School officials doubt it was another student as he was not wearing a school uniform.

December 13, 2004: Springfield , OR Thurston High School officials made an announcement over the school intercom that there had been a shooting threat but there was nothing to worry about. They seemed unprepared for the reaction from students and parents who remembered all too clearly the shooting spree by Kip Kinkle in 1998 when he killed 2 students, both of his parents and wounded more than 20 other students.

December 14, 2004: Haines City , FL A 14 year-old student has been charged with shooting a fellow student with a BB gun while riding home on a school bus. His brother has also been charged with telling the other students that if anyone told on them, he would get his boys and beat them up.

December 17, 2004: Brookville, Ohio Brookville High School was placed in “lock down” after several shots were fired into the front of the school at 10am. Every available police officer rushed to the scene. It turns out that was the intended purpose as the shooter then held up a local bank across town. No one was injured. The stolen money contained a dye bomb that exploded as the robber made her getaway.

 December 21, 2004: Jerome , ID A 12 year-old student stabbed a fellow student, 14 years-old, as they walked home from school. The victim was treated and released. The stabber is in custody pending an investigation.

Mar 21, 2005: Red Lake, MN - Jeff Weise, 16, shot to death his grandfather and his grandfather's girlfriend and then went to his high school in Red Lake, Minnesota, where he killed a security guard, a teacher, and five students, and wounded seven others, before killing himself.


Nov. 8, 2005: Jacksboro, TN - Assistant principal Ken Bruce was killed and two other administrators seriously wounded when Kenny Bartley, a 15-year-old student, opened fire in a Jacksboro, Tennessee high school.


Note: This list is not complete. There is a tendency to underreport school violence, so it you know of an incident that is not reported here, please send in by email.

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