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Visitor’s Badge Safe Program


Unauthorized Personnel
on your campus poses one of the most serious threats to Students and Staff


 Here’s How it Works!!

Every single month of the school year (August through May), we will issue your school a new batch of Visitor Badges (see sample above). Your school will simply destroy any “prior” month’s batch of Visitor Badges and start using the “new” month’s supply of Visitor Badges or will issue all at once. Also,  Keys will provide:Spot

  • customized Visitor Badges with the district’s logo,
  •  badge holders with clips,
  •  a visitors log,
  •  posters which explain School Badge Security Program, and
  •  self-adhesive removable stickers that expire in specific time intervals (one-hour, one day, one week, one month) by turning red



What you will receive:

Visitor's Badge System

Visitor’s Badge System

  • 2000 Visitor Badges [200 per month for 10 months] (please provide logo to be placed on Badge)
  • 2000 Self-adhesive Time-Interval removable stickers (specify time interval desire),[Click to see animation of this]
    100 badge holders with clips
  • One Visitor Log
  • Four Posters 12×18 directing Visitors to sign-in location & program policies. (Please inform us if a custom location to be placed on poster).
  • And Peace of Mind




Visitor Badge Program

 Will Make

 Your School SAFER…

 All for only


  first year with a lower cost following years



free (1)

How Your School Gets The Visitor Badge Security Program for FREE:

The retail price for the Visitor Badge Security Program is $654.00 per school year, but your school can get it for FREE!!

When your school does its next fund raiser, simply inform the fund raising company that you want the “Visitor Badge Security Program” from Keys To Safer as your sign-up bonus.

You see, just about every fund raising company in the country will offer some sort of sign-up bonus in order to book fund raisers.  At the present, we work with about 200 fund raising companies who can purchase the Visitor Badge Security Program from our company at wholesale in order for them to offer it to schools (such as yours) for FREE in return for getting your next fund raiser.

So in a nutshell…your school chooses whichever fund raising company you want and informs them that you want the “Visitor Badge Security Program” from Keys’ as a sign-up bonus.  If the company you choose claims they don’t know what your talking about – give them our phone number or send them to our website.

If the company you choose will not give you the Safety Program, don’t despair.  Call “toll free” 1(800)504-7355 or e-mail us [] and we’ll have several top drawer quality fund raising companies to get in touch with you immediately.  They want your business and will provide your school with the Visitor Badge Security Program for FREE!

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